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About Jadavpur University Alumni Association Melbourne Chapter

Jadavpur University Alumni Association Melbourne Chapter

Jadavpur University Alumni Association Melbourne Chapter (JUAAMELC) officially originated in the year 2006. The members of this Alumni Association who reside in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria state in Australia have their academic roots linked to the alma mater in Kolkata. All members have excelled in their respective professions; some have become noted academics and senior public servants while the rest have found success in private enterprises. While the association has veterans graduated as early as 1963, there are  younger folks who have recently stepped out of their academic world and landed in Melbourne. 

JUAAMELC is a not-for-profit organisation which encourages networking and local integration between Jadavapur University (JU) alumni and connects with other Chapters across entire Australia. The association has instilled a strong bonding between the members and their families and knitted all together into one large family - the Jadavpur Univeristy Alumni Association Melbourne Chapter.

The association has specific objectives:

  1. Establish and foster community relationship amongst the Jadavpur University (JU) Alumni residing anywhere in the world irrespective of nationality, race, gender, and discipline of education.

  2. Plan, organize, and execute activities which

    • result in improved teaching and research facilities at JU.​

    • benefit the JU Alumni, and/or the students/faculty of JU and

    • create an environment that induces enthusiasm in each JU Alumnus to share with other fellow JU Alumni news, information, data, or concepts which may expand the horizon of knowledge of all JU Alumni and help enhancing the well being of the JU.

  3. Provide a platform for all JU Alumni to get together, share their knowledge & experience and promote a camaraderie culture.

  4. Maintain close collaboration with JU Alumni and different departments of JU.

  5. Members to respect the following:

    • Alumni networking and social connect

    • Strategic group to voice concerns to the matters of JU

    • Connect the Victorian members nationally/internationally and derive common benefits with Sydney & Brisbane Chapter

    • Assistance / Information outpost in Melbourne (and Victoria) and Australia

    • Using Alumni seminar facilities & guest house in Kolkata

    • Aspiration to provide financial assistance to the needy  

© 2019 by JU Melbourne Alumni Group.

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